Re Re Re Launch

I always have good intentions to start blogging occasionally and follow though! I have recently started an Etsy business called Meet Me at the Beach Creations and have been creating a lot of really amazing projects in my free time. Sometimes I feel like I am driving all of the people I’m friends with on Facebook crazy with my updates. Well, not EVERYONE. My mom, my boyfriend’s mom and half my sorority sisters seem to like everything within minutes of me posting it. I’m assuming who doesn’t like it are all of the fraternity boys I am friends with. Understandably so.

So to roll out me posting in my blog more and more often, I’d like to announce to you all (hah, like anyone reads a blog they don’t know I have) that I am partnering up with Mary Beth Goodwin of Mary Beth Goodwin Creations. She will be running a giveaway next week on her blog and the winner will receive a set of painted letters featuring one of Mary Beth’s designs! So excited about this opportunity! 

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