While I might be blessed with a little bit more creativity than the average girl, does anyone else ever see things at stores and think about how it almost would be more fun to make it yourself?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my own future home. After graduating from Illinois State this May, I moved back with my parents to save money and find a job in an area where my parents knew everyone and I was able to use this to my advantage. But since I moved back into my parents’ house, there was not much opportunity to design rooms and make the space my own…. because I already did that when we moved here the first time. 

With every home comes the first impression, and with a first impression I believe comes the front door wreath. I’ve been scheming up ways to increase the sales and visits to my Etsy site, and I’ve settled on adding new items such as wreaths and party favors. What better way to perfect what I plan to sell on Etsy than to create the items and give them as gifts this holiday?

I found this amazing post on TipJunkie after doing some poking around on Pinterest and have decided that this is where my epic journey is to begin. 

Anyone have any favorite wreaths to share?

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