25 Days of Holiday Kindness

I’ve always wanted to do a Random Acts of Christmas & Holiday Cheer-type thing in the month of December. I love the idea of small gestures done to strangers, especially around the holiday season; it’s always heartwarming to hear about someone doing a simple kind gesture for a stranger and how it “made” their day, or even holiday season.

After some searching around on Pinterest and tracing back where other blog posts about this found their inspiration, I settled on these two ladies’ wonderful blog posts and will mix and match along the way. TSJ Photography had an absolutely wonderful post with pictures of her daughters and the adorable cards they distributed to let people know they had been RACK’ed (Random Act of Christmas Kindness-ed). Tracie’s post led me to this one on Katherine Marie Photography, and from there I knew that this was something I was absolutely going to pursue this holiday season.

Here is my list of the 25 Days of Holiday Spirit I plan to carry out starting December 1st. Would you like to do this with me, or something similar to it? Tweet what you’re doing to me on Twitter (@ctrlaltDENISE), comment on this post, or send me an email. I’d love to hear how paying kindness forward made your day.

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