Friendsgiving Dinner Party

Something about having a college diploma tells me that it’s time to do things the conventional adult way, so when it comes to having parties it is time to bust out the snail mail and get artsy, dinner party style!


I recently helped throw my boyfriend, Brendan a surprise birthday party where the invitations consisted of a Facebook event threatening any of his fraternity brothers if they spoiled the surprise, but to please join us for a night of craziness. There were many Facebook messages (mostly ignored) to those who had not RSVP-ed (which was practically everyone… who RSVP’s in college? Just sorority girls I guess) but we ended up having a good turn out regardless. My boyfriend’s mother, who was the primary host of the event, went the route of an adorable evite and for the most part knew what relatives and friends would be coming.

brendans party

So when it came time to plan my second event, I went the route of a sit-down dinner inviting my close friends from college to enjoy a holiday meal at my house complete with dessert and acting like some semblance of adults. I say some semblance because those of us who have graduated from Illinois State already have a penchant for returning to visit rather often on weekends and becoming quite the spectacle. Nothing wrong with that.

Want to see where my friends and I are at in planning Friendsgiving? Check out the group Pinterest board we’ve been using and be sure to follow to stay up to date with inspiration of your own! Are you planning a holiday party this year for your friends? Let me know 🙂

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