25DoHK: Support businesses who give proceeds to charity

I put this act of Holiday Kindness first on my list so I could get everyone on my list done as soon as possible! Considering that there’s a chance that some people who I purchased gifts for read my blog, I’m going to be as vague as possible as to not spoil surprises, but I have found that with some smart Googling, you can find a lot of small businesses that are willing to donate proceeds to charity.

If you’re looking for the full list of what I plan to do in 25 days, here it is!

Leah Michele Photography (Facebook/ Etsy)

Leah is donating 50% of  proceeds from her Coney Island collection to Hurricane Sandy Relief, as well as all proceeds from her Cards for Kids gift boxes to a non-profit called Edesia. Edesia manufactures ready-to-use food developed to treat and prevent childhood malnutrition worldwide. Leah’s photos really make the viewer feel like you’re there with her- considering she’s been to a lot of really great and exotic places, that is definitely a plus!

Trees for Troops (Facebook/Website)

If you’re shopping for children this season, be sure to check out the adorable bears on the Trees For Troops shop that help benefit this wonderful organization that provides Christmas trees to the men and women of our United States military that are either overseas or on bases during the holiday season. Also, you don’t have to be a child to buy one of these adorable bears, maybe some authors of this blog are considering buying one… you never know!

Vera Bradley (Website)

I am obsessed with Vera, so those of you who know me knew that this was inevitable. 10% of all proceeds from the “Ribbons” pattern go to the Breast Cancer Foundation, and this pattern is perfect for any stylish lady on your holiday list. Personally, I would prefer to adorn all of the ladies on my list in Vera Bradley but sometimes I strive to be a little less predictable!

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