25DoHK: Give blood

There’s not a whole lot to say about giving blood, but I’ll give it a try. “Ouch, that hurt… Glad I’m going with Susan to shop for birthday outfits, what a good reward… I’m totally wearing my sticker all day… this is helping potentially save three lives… etc.”

If you are eligible to give blood, consider looking up your zip code and finding a blood drive near you on the Red Cross website. They’ll even give you a cookie for donating (and who doesn’t love cookies?)

Tomorrow I will be donating these gloves, hats and scarves to our public library’s Mitten Tree. It was a great idea to look through all of our winter clothes to find things to donate, and it was a lot easier than I thought to part with all the strange scarves I knit when I went through a “I think I can knit scarves” phase.


Now that I’ve shared days 2 and 3 of my project, I wanted to use this post to highlight another wonderful act of kindness being done here in the blog world. I stumbled across Erin’s blog Living in Yellow a few days ago and read a touching story about a little boy who was dying from cancer. This time last year, he had beaten a brain tumor and was busy being a normal five year old boy. Erin has taken it upon herself to rally her readers and blog friends to do whatever they can to help give Isaac and his family a holiday season to remember. If you can, consider sharing some words of encouragement on the Isaac Nation Facebook page, or drawing Isaac a picture and sending it in a card. He also really likes Legos.

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