25 DoHK: donate books to a library & buy groceries for the collection bin

Reading and cooking. Cooking and reading. Reading about cooking.

My favorite two past times absolutely are reading books and cooking, baking to be precise. I thought that these two acts of kindness would be a great reflection of me as a person. My whole family can usually be spotted with their noses in a book (or in a Kindle) and of course we appreciate good food. Being able to give someone the gift of a new book, or a delicious meal is an honor and always has been an enjoyable.

I have millions of books laying around on shelves, in boxes and in our spare room. Some I’ve read a bunch of times, and others didn’t click. My dad prefers science fiction, my mom likes mysteries written by women, and my cousin likes historical non-fiction. I read just about anything, but for the most part, our tastes do not overlap. This accounts for quite a lot of books laying around, just begging for a second chance to be loved and read by someone.

I love the public library. My whole family loves the library! Even though most of my books are rented from the library’s eBook website, I still like to stop in and browse cookbooks (of course) and see what events are going on. It’s great to be able to give back to the library and help them with fundraising (book sales) as well as keeping the shelves jammed with books everyone is sure to love and appreciate.

Here comes the food. As I write this, I can still smell the delicious cookies I baked for Brendan last night. My poor boyfriend came down with pneumonia this past weekend and I have learned that the way to his heart is to bake him delicious things. Hopefully his stomach can soothe his lungs and cookies will in fact cure pneumonia. But I digress.

Being able to cook a meal and put food on the table for our family is a blessing, something that not everyone in our country is always able to do. About 15% of Americans are food insecure, meaning that they do not know where their next meal will be coming from. During the holiday season, it is really great to get to see the businesses and organizations that are giving back by letting customers donate food.

Canned food drives, donating to township and church food pantries, even some grocery stores will let you donate money or items to be given to the hungry. After a little research, I found that almost all of the supermarkets in my community have community giving programs, and not just around the holidays.

It’s been really rewarding to me so far to be able to do these various acts of kindness that feel personal and reflect my passions and interests. How is everyone else’s December going, anyone doing kind things too?

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