DIY Patterned Banner

diy patterned banner- post greek grad

Nothing makes an event feel more special and well-planned than making sure everything has a solid theme. I’ve been really into damask lately, and also have been honing my party planning and crafting skills for a friend’s birthday party. This seemed like the perfect chance to test out some ideas I’ve been having and also be productive while doing so!

To start off, this is a relatively low cost, low material project. Don’t be discouraged by the quatrefoil shapes, if you can trace and cut neatly, you’ll be fine! If you’re still unsure, simplify your shape to something you’ve been cutting since kindergarten!

Check out the Cheats & Splurges section at the end of this post for some hints as to how to make this project as easy as possible for you, or how to make the absolute best quality item.


I used five sheets of 12×12 damask scrapbook paper and six sheets of black 12×12 cardstock paper. I planned so that the  smaller quatrefoil (printed) would be cut out four times from the same piece of paper. Depending on how large or small you want your banner to be, you can change this to best fit your project. My large, black quatrefoils were slightly bigger and I was able to cut two from each 12×12 cardstock sheet. Buy extra paper so that you’re not having a meltdown halfway through your project (I actually bought 16 pages of damask and a 20 sheet set of the black. I like to be prepared) and have to run back out.

For the image, I simply googled “Quatrefoil” and chose an image that I liked. I saved it to my computer and edited it in Microsoft Word until it was the size I wanted. From there I cut out 12 damask shapes and 12 black shapes;I wanted enough shapes for the banner to spell out “Happy Birthday”

For this project you’ll also need some ribbon (3/4 inch or thinner), scissors, double sided tape, and a hole punch!


Attach one smaller shape into the center of one larger shape. I swiped some mono-adhesive from my mom’s scrapbooking room and used that, although double-sided tape would also w

ork just fine. I punched two holes in the top of the quatrefoils after the two were stuck together. A hole punch works perfectly fine, this little invention is yet another steal from the scrapbook room (thanks, Mommy).


Start threading your ribbon into the holes. For this, I threaded the first hole so that most of the ribbon would be behind the quatrefoil shape, leaving room for larger letters on the front. From here it’s pretty simple, just thread the rest of your shapes onto the ribbon, making sure you’re consistent with whether the ribbon is in front of or behind the shape. Make sure that the ribbon doesn’t get twisted from shape to shape.


There you have it! I plan to buy some glittery silver paper to cut the letters out of and attach them this weekend.

cheat splurge

Cheat: The damask scrapbook paper was thin enough that I could cut three sheets at a time. The cardstock was a little thicker so I did two at a time. If you have a good pair of scissors, hopefully this will work out for you.
Splurge: If you have a die-cut machine like a Cricut, chances are it can cut out a shape much more consistently than you ever could by hand. After the second quatrefoil I cut out, I was wishing I had a Cricut machine.
Splurge: It would be adorable to thread beads or add some bows between each letter. Just be careful that it’s not too heavy to hang!
Cheat: Make a separate strand for each word. “Happy” can be paired with “Birthday,” “New Year”, “Anniversary” and more! If you use the same pattern for multiple events, you can probably justify buying some tablecloths, or even dishes to go with the theme! Or in my case, numerous outfit (I have a small shopping issue).

Let me know how it goes or if you have any questions! 🙂

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