25 DoHK: Send a care package to the troops

This item on the list is one of many that really tugs on my heartstrings; I don’t think that there is a long enough blog post for me to express my gratitude to the men and women who serve our country and protect our freedom. This being said, these brave men and women give up time and moments with their friends and families so that we can enjoy ours- Christmas dinner, building a snowman, shopping for holiday gifts online. The least that we as civilians can do is keep those members of our great country who are away defending our freedom in our hearts all year, as well as on our Christmas lists.

I used AnySolider to search for a unit to send a care package to. I might be biased because my boyfriend is in the Illinois State University Army ROTC program, so I went with sending a package to an Army unit.

It’s been a crazy week with visiting Brendan at school, welcoming my Uncle Danny home from his transatlantic cruise, as well as celebrating a close friend’s birthday, so I haven’t been able to assemble and photograph everything for the care package yet, but expect pictures soon! This post on Army Mom Strong has a lot of really great ideas for things you might not realize, especially if you plan to personalize the care package for someone you know

Some other great links to other organizations that support the United States Armed Forces
Give 2 The Troops, Trees for TroopsUSO

If you’re looking for the full list of what I plan to do in 25 days, here it is!


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