in the pursuit of strawberry milkshake cupcakes

Recently I bought some new cupcake wrappers (pink chevron, of course) from Sweets & Treats Boutique. To justify ordering cupcake liners I didn’t have any plans for, I also bought three different kinds of paper goodie bags that I have even less of a use for, and adorable paper straws.

The straws make me think milkshake, which makes me think about how tempting it would be to drive into the next town over to get some Oberweiss and call it a night. Oberweiss is right across from JoAnn’s AND Michael’s, so I’m sure everyone sees my line of reason as to why I’m not committing to that trip….

Anyways! I’ve set off on a recipe scavenger hunt tonight to see if I can find a great recipe for strawberry milkshake cupcakes. I plan to do some sort of Swiss Meringue Buttercream for the frosting, just because the consistency is perfect, but I didn’t really know where to start for the cake.

So far in my search, a few have really stuck out as great inspiration. Sophie Likes Cake used milkshake powder in the cake, which sounds like the delicious secret ingredient I’ve been looking for! This recipe on BakeBakeBake uses fresh strawberries in the cake, which would be delicious, but fresh strawberries at this point in December are sadly few and far between.

What do you think? Know of a delicious standout recipe that I missed? I’d love to hear it! Stay tuned for a post about the actual baking!


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