Figuring out Friendsgiving


The idea of Friendsgiving has been something I have been obsessing over since about August. I find that I’m always one for having a million awesome ideas but sometimes struggle carrying them out, or get discouraged quickly. In this case, this seemed like such a great idea, that I had to tell people about my holiday party while it was still summer.

Fast forward a few months and insert many emails, nights when I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about table settings (Side note: I’m getting like this about a holiday party. That’s it. Not a wedding, or anything else that is an actual big deal. But still…), and obsessively group iMessaging friends who are co-hosting and helping me immensely.

These Triple Layer Fudgy Mint Oreo Brownies have been haunting me ever since I stumbled across them on Pinterest, and are of course what I’m most excited for at dessert. I showed them to Brendan today and I could see the wheels turning in his head that he’s counting down the days until he gets to go to town on those.

For dinner, I’m going to cook a small ham and turkey. I’ve never done either before, so I’m really looking forward to the experience. I found a great recipe for slow cooker honey glazed ham, which ought to be perfect for opening up some space in the oven for other parts of the meal. I like the idea of cooking in a slow cooker because it seems like there’s not that much than can go wrong. As for turkey, I’ll be relying on my mom to give me some guidance in that department!

The sides I selected are going to be fantastic as well. Roasted Green Beans with Mushroom and Balsamic, Caramelized Onion and Cheese Mashed Potatoes, tossed salad, Stuffin’ Muffins, yummy dinner rolls, and Penne with homemade Vodka Sauce. My stomach is growling just thinking about how delicious all of this is going to be.

All that’s left to do is figure out how exactly I want to work out the place settings and decorations, which seems much easier than looking at thousands of images of delicious food on Pinterest. Right?

What I found has kept me the most organized and focused is keeping an obsessive word document of each course with recipe, and who plans on bringing what dish (I asked a few friends to bring a side, the less cooking-inclined are bringing alcohol. It’s a win-win).  The top of the doc has a list of who’s invited, highlighted with who’s coming. A group Pinterest board has also been a really great place to bounce ideas off of each other and see what foods other people like (I hate ham and just assume that my view of it matches everyone else’s therefore I would not serve ham. This is not the case and is a fact I learned from Pinterest, hence my dinner party will be eating ham).

More than anything, I have learned to be flexible and anticipate change in my plans. This is what I have struggled with most through everything I have experienced. I love to make lists and assume I can anticipate everything and anything. Brendan’s best friend in the whole world got his orders to return home from Afghanistan on leave and arrives that same day as Friendsgiving. After about half a minute of a minor heart attack over having two important events (Tony’s arrival home being the clear winner in importance, of course) on the same day, Friendsgiving got bumped into 2013. Easy as that, and an excellent lesson learned in “No Denise, you can’t control everything.”

To be continued!


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